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The "Fairness Four"

A Question for your local candidates


The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. Evidence shows this leads to much worse health and social outcomes across a broad range of indicators. It also undermines trust and social cohesion and damages family and community life.

Our local group is affiliated to The Equality Trust which campaigns for changes that will have a significant impact on reducing inequality. The Trust advocates a range of policies and actions at different levels. The ‘Fairness Four’ are the Trust’s top priorities for implementation by local councils: 

1 Evaluate the likely impact of council policies on socio-economic inequality*

2 Pay all directly contracted staff the real Living Wage (as set by the Living Wage Foundation)

3 Ensure all council contractors are required to pay staff the real Living Wage

4 Publish a plan to reduce the pay ratio between the CEO and the lowest-paid directly employed council worker 


  • As per the Socio-economic Duty, section 1 of the Equality Act 2010. This was, regrettably, not brought into force by central government but many local councils are taking action on this. The Equality Trust and Just Fair are lobbying the Government to bring the duty into force

Will you pledge that, if elected, you will work towards the Council implementing these four policies? 

The Answer: Please scroll for full list.

The Green Party

We have received the following message from Rob Parker the Green Party who is the the Winchester Green Party Election Officer:

"As "equality" of rights is at the core of Green Party policy the candidates have no problem subscribing to the "Fairness Four" objectives referred to.    In fact it could be stated that if they did not they could not be members of the Green Party".

We aslo have a message from the Portsmouth Green Party Candidates who state:

"The Green Party has long called for a a real living wage to be established in the UK, and all of us at the Portsmouth Green Party fully support this. We are very keen to reduce socio-economic inequality in Portsmouth and are happy to say we fully support the 'Fairness Four'.

You can read more about what the Green Party stands for in our Green Guarantee, and in particular the section on economy:"

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