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About The Hampshire Equality Group

The Hampshire Equality Group seeks to spread the word about the impact of income inequality on society and to campaign to ensure that Hampshire in particular and the UK as a whole builds a decent society based on fair and reasonable distribution of income.


The Hampshire Equality Group aims to reduce income inequality through a programme of public and political education designed to achieve a widespread understanding of the harm caused by income inequality and support for measures to reduce income inequality in the County of Hampshire. 


Its members have been inspired by The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.   The Spirit Level was first published in hardback by Penguin in March 2009 and paperback in February 2010.  You can order the book by clicking here.

Activists Guide

We are proud to launch our new activist pack: Inequality Is Not Inevitable. This guide aims to help inequality activists target key decision-makers, and those who influence them, so that action is taken to reduce inequality. 

In addition to our compelling and growing evidence base in favour of more equal societies, we have always believed in the necessity of a large social movement demanding a fairer, better UK. This guide aims to help people join that movement and to then take concrete action to tackle inequality.  

Please do read and share the guide with all the people and organisations that you know and work with.

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